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Delta Fastable PEEK Suture Anchor was designed for maximum fixation strength and simple insertion. The fully-threaded profile provides strong pullout strength and stable fixation for both cortical and cancellous bone. With the pre-loaded UHS Fiber suture, the Fastable suture anchor can provide excellent fixation strength and stability for arthroscopy surgery or mini-open technique.

The Fastable PEEK Suture Anchor also provides knotless anchor design which can be also used for single row and double row technique.

The Fastable PEEK Suture Anchor is made from polyetheretherketone, which combines radiolucent, excellent biocompatibility and biostability characters. The anchor is non-absorbable thus it avoids the soft tissue reaction which normally happened with bioresorbable material.

A punch is recommended for preparing the bone socket for anchor insertion. Combination punch and tap are recommended to use in extremely hard bone.