On April 17, the Arterial Network reported that Delta Medical, a domestic company specializing in sports medicine products and sports rehabilitation services, received more than tens millions RMB in B-round financing. The investment led by BioVenture and followed by Insight capital. Delta Medical has already received tens millions RMB financing from the Insight capital in September 2016.

Jason Lee, the founder and general manager of Delta Medical, said: "This joint play a very important role in the strategic layout of Delta Medical in the next few years. Delta Medical will spare no effort to promote to research, development and production of arthroscopic instruments, consumables and equipment, and continue to enrich the product line. Improve professional after-sales services and establish a domestic and overseas sales network."

The modern sports medicine originated from the athletes' sports injuries treatment, this discipline advocate health, prevent and cure diseases, and help athletes to return to the best physical state as before. As the awareness of mass fitness grows stronger, more and more people will have sports-related diseases such as ligament tears, meniscus tears, joint wear and so on. With the increasing life quality demand in our society, people often look for various treatment methods to cure those diseases and hope the physical function can return to the good state as before.


At present, the sports medicine disciplines and industries is developing at a high speed in China. According to incomplete statistics, the number of arthroscopic surgery cases in China was 240,000 in 2012 and 760,000 in 2017, with a growth rate exceeding 216%, and maintain an annual growth rate of 26%.


In China, the terminal market of sports medicine was 2.39 billion yuan in 2012 and 9.7 billion yuan in 2017, with a growth rate exceeding 306% and an annual growth rate exceeding 30%.


Delta Medical has been deeply engaged in the sports medicine field around ten years. There are many professionals with practical experience engaged in research and development, production, sales and marketing.


It is reported that Delta Medical will be the first domestic sports medicine company to realize the internationalization of domestic sports medicine products into international market. "Restore Motion to Life" is the mission of Delta Medical. Delta Medical will spare no effort to provide patients with the best sports medicine surgery and rehabilitation products and services, establish a stable relationship between the company and doctors and patients, and help patients to enjoy better rehabilitation services.